Pole Dancing

Pole DancingOnce the sole preserve of gentleman’s clubs, pole dancing has evolved to become a highly respected and beautiful art form. Varie has been performing and teaching pole dancing for almost 7 years and is well known for her incredible strength and gravity-defying spins around the pole.  


If you are looking for a unique and interesting act for your event then pole dancing is the perfect choice! Acts can be styled to suit any type of occasion or event.


The type of pole used is dependent on the performance space. 

Floor to Ceiling Pole
Stage/performance area with a solid ceiling and floor, maximum height 3.5m.  Performance area must be no less than 3m x 3m.


Podium Pole
Stage/performance area with a level floor, no less than 3m x 3m. Minimum 3.5m ceiling height. A solid ceiling is not required for this type of pole. 


Performances can be customised to suit your event and venue, subject to given timescales. We can also perform freestyle/atmospheric sets of up to 10 minutes at a time.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.



If you are interested in practicing the incredible art of Pole Dance, please check out our Pole Dancing Sessions.